About Dopplers

Innovative Vocal Performance

The vocal ensemble Dopplers consists of 10 singers and is conducted by Astrid Vang-Pedersen. The group sings a broad repertoire within multiple genres such as pop, folk, world and classical music, and they eagerly experiment with combining these genres. Dopplers furthermore has a specific focus on communicative performance through introductions, choreographies and audience participation. The group compose and arrange a great amount of their repertoire though they also incorporate known pieces and compositions.

Their goal is to innovate the traditional concert event through the conscious work on performance and engagement. Dopplers has won a gold medal at the international choir competition in Randers 2012, a second place in the category “Rhythmic choir” at Aarhus Vocal Festival 2015, along with a special prize for the most innovative choir performance, and was elected to perform at the World Symposium on Choral Music in 2017 and at Sing Strong A Cappella Festival in New York in 2019.

The group has just released a second EP with the title “Colors of Peace”. On this album the group has experimented with own compositions and arrangements inspired by the sounds of world music. Together the songs make up a suite that invites the listener on a journey through the versatile sounds of the vocal medium.

Astrid Vang-Pedersen is a choral conductor and concert designer. She has developed a specific method on staging choral performance, called Concert Design, and finished her thesis on the subject in 2018, a project created in collaboration with The Royal Danish Academy of Music and Roskilde University.

She is the artistic director of Dopplers, which she founded in 2009. She works as a freelancer teaching choral conducting and concert design and composes music for choirs and theater productions.

Astrid has initiated the collaborative choir project Ubuntusong, where choir singers from around the world promote cross cultural understanding through song. The project debut was a tribute to the legacy of Nelson Mandela and the South African philosophy Ubuntu, released in 2018 (www.ubuntusong.com).

Foto: Inger Kirkeby